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Number of issues per year: 2
Month(s) of publication: January and July
Acta Biologica Indica is an international Close access scientific journal that gives basic platform for the worldwide researchers to publish their findings and inventions pertaining to the reader. ABI accepts research articles, short communications, reviews and letters to the editors that were not published previously in any journals or scientific publication companies. ABI is a peer-reviewed journal, published four times a year and bring out articles of high importance in all areas of biological science that are freely available for unlimited access. It publishes original research articles in English Language including reviews, mini reviews, technical notes to the editor and short communications on the areas related to Biology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Humanities Sciences, Medical and life engineering.

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  Recently added papers:
  • Qualitative phytochemical screening and in vitro anthelmintic activity of Exacum bicolor Roxb., an endemic medicinal plant from Western Ghats in India
  • Maximum tolerance concentration detection of microorganisms capable of bioremediation of toxic heavy metals from the ash dyke of thermal power plant
  • Variation in the population distribution of two species of Tenuipalpid mites on their specific host medicinal plants
  • Assessment of chlorophyll loss due to infestation by Aceria pongamiae Kiefer 1966 (Acari: Eriophyidae) on Pongamia pinnata (L.)
  • Studies on biodiversity of entomopathogenic fungi isolated from all the agro-climatic zones of Karnataka
  • Studies on the antibacterial activity of the actinomycetes isolated from the fish cultivating reservoirs of Tamil Nadu
  • The ecdysone mimic, methoxyfenozide, alters the level of major haemolymph proteins in the larvae of Spodoptera mauritia Boisd.(Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
  • Fungal Diversity, Their Concentration And Impact Over Jowar Crop At Pune
  • Effect of ergosterol and arecanut husk extracts on Phytophthora arecae, the causal organism of Koleroga of Arecanut
  • Carbohydrates in insect artificial diet: an evaluation study with Hyblaea puera Cramer
  • Comparison of different analytical methods for the identification of teak leaf volatiles
  • Taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Crotalaria (Fabaceae), An overview
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